Seven Inexpensive summer activities for kids

Seven Inexpensive summer activities for kids:

Many movie theatres give free entry to the school age children once a week during summer months. In our area, it is on every Tuesday, kids get to watch a movie for free during entire summer. You can take your friends’ kids along with your children one week and show them a free movie and the other parents can do the same next week. This is great way entertain kids without spending lot of dollars.

Take your kids to a free summer evening concerts in neighborhood: Often cities and malls arrange free concerts with local bands. Introduce your kids to music and live performance for free. Local Music schools organize symphonies at parks for free.

Board games are fun: even though board games are old fashioned but not out of fashioned. It is good idea to give a break to the electronic gadgets. Most importantly, board games are solo games any board game we play we laugh, talk, yell and shout while playing game. Board games connect people.

Introduce a hobby: give them pencils and sketches show them to draw a picture of your thought or funny feeling. Encourage writing stories whether the story of imaginary or a real story. Ask them a cut fav pictures from the old magazines and ask them arrange and create a meaningful story.

Go to local attractions: Ask your kids to pack their lunch and go to your local places like a smaller zoo or smaller museums. If possible use public transportation such as light rail or a bus so that they can experience the public transport. Often smaller zoo in your city or less popular museums have inexpensive admission fees.

Go Bowling: Kids Blow Free program was popular in most of the bowling lanes across the country. Bowling lines offer free bowling or discounted prices for kids in summer. We have to buy shoe rentals extra. In some places they offer two free games on most participating lanes for registered families. Check with your local bowling place to see if they are offering any of these programs for kids.

Go for hiking with your family: Make sure you go biking or hiking with your family to spend quality time with your family. Bicycling and hiking are good pastime as a family. You can do different activities together and have fun. Play tag, or sit and do yoga these are a good activities and pastime together as a family.

Enjoy a great summer!!!

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