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A good percentage of businesses always keep in touch with their customers. Businesses like realtors, financial advisors, dentists, Optometrist, banks credit unions, insurance, doctor’s offices, hair stylists, etc. One common effort made by successful businesses is stay in touch with customers and clients. It could be a birthday card, a thank you card, a Holiday card or a seasonal newsletter to keep in touch consistent base. The dentists can send reminders and small note card with upcoming appointment. Phoenix Insurance companies shown 40% of customers were unhappy due to lack of proactive contact.
Successful Businesses are good at customer retention. Sales people often send a thank you card to customer after shopping with them. Several days later of your visit they send a post card. Interestingly Salespersons send email thanking the customer for the business with them. After couple of months they send a message to customer about new inventory that just arrived. It is common in restaurants send a post card with a printed coupon for the next visit. Once in two months they send their new specials.
Businesses often make an effort to send cards to their customers on some special days of the year such as independence day- Fourth of July, Harvest season-Thanksgiving Day and Christmas, Hanukah, and Holiday season greetings.
Most importantly Customer’s special day which is birthday. Receiving a birthday card from a business or a service is something very special to anyone. The act will appreciate your business exponentially. Who doesn’t like birthday wishes? Remembering customer’s birthday and Sending a birthday card on that day will delight your client and that keeps your customer loyal.
Keeping with your client in touch base the act looks simple and small but it creates a great impact on customer relations. It is nice gesture of good relationship. Energizes your customer relationship. Keep in touch.
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