Have fun, be safe, Happy Independence day!!!

July 4th weekend holiday is around the corner American Independence Day Celebrate the weekend with your friends and family. Have fun with fireworks and food. But it needs little planning to spend this holiday weekend fun and safer one. There are 5 tips to have fun on July Fourth Weekend. Try these new ideas for a change and see if you like it. These ideas are typical party ideas with small modifications to our routine party style.

Have a party without meat: During summer time mostly people have parties outdoors and often include a lot of meat, BBQ etc. Summer season there are plenty of fruits and vegetables available in the markets and in our own backyards have a vegetarian snacks and lunch without meat. With veggies with green cucumber, tomatoes, blue cauliflower. Make vegetable kababs with green peppers, tomatoes, and florets of cauliflower. Include purple cabbage or eggplant to create flag colors kababs. Get ice cream blue berry, strawberry, and vanilla flavors and pour them into ice-cream cups to create a flag color dessert. Serve your guests different variety of fruit punches.

Show your Patriotism: You can have Independence Day parade in your neighborhood with your friends and neighbors. Everyone hold a flag to show your patriotism while walking in a parade. Celebrate holiday with fire crackers and colors of American flags. Decorate the border of the lawn, garden and garage with your small mini American flags. Get your party supplies with 4th of July theme, so that adds the flavor and the joy of Independence Day party.

Have a pool time: This is the long weekend comes in middle of the summer and it is perfect time for pool party. You can get Independence Day themed party supplies to serve your guests. Play some Fourth of July Music while your guests are having fun in the pool. Watch a classic movie with your guests. Someone must be in charge of pool guard while kids are swimming or playing in the pool.

Have fun and play safe with fire crackers: Get variety of fire crackers from your local venders. Make sure you get permission from your city to buy your own fire crackers to have fun at home... Make sure everyone play safe with fireworks. Safety is first make sure your kids wearing light cotton cloths while playing with fire crackers, ask them to wear safety goggles. Most importantly do not leave the kids alone when they are playing with fire crackers. Have fun until everyone enjoy the day but plan your party timings appropriately. Often we see cops showing up after midnight on July fourth night if you people are cheering too loud at that mid night.

Have fun, be safe, Happy Independence day!!!

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