Employee recognition- Secret Recipe For Success

Employee recognition is a very important tradition of any successful corporates. It is important to reward your employees who work above and beyond to their work. All successful companies adopt the tradition of rewarding customer service, team work, celebrate the milestones, and encourage the innovation. Engaged employees strive to work hard and continue to be more loyal to the organization.

Employee engagement helps to increase customer relation, decrease absenteeism, accidents. It also correlates customer service and productivity, sales and profits. A study says the employees are more engaged themselves in workplace were willing to serve customers with better service.

There are few tips to make your employees feel engaged in the workplace. Frequent reviews and feedbacks are needed to know their performance it is not to criticize and make them down but to encourage their strengths and allow them to know their weak areas. Communication is important to give feedback and let them know what is going in right direction or if anything needed to be corrected it should be communicate in a gentle manner for betterment. Constructive criticism is the crucial for improvement of the employee engagement.

Engaged employees work hard to improve business relations with customers. For any business customer retention rates are important to spread the word into the market. A study says corporates which has fifty percent employee engagement retains the eighty percent of their customers. Corporate cards are great to celebrate every occasion to treat your employees with an encouraging message to brighten their day.

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