Desktop Calendars - Business Value

It is nice to see a thoughtful quote every morning on your desktop calendar. A motivational quote would boost your energy and helps to think positively. Desk top calendars are great to greet us in the morning as we start a productive workday. We can choose a daily calendar with a useful health tip, a thoughtful picture, a motivational quote, or a word about an act of random kindness. Desktop Calendars are great for personal use as well as businesses, realtor’s offices, and corporate offices.

Calendars are important to people. Eight out of ten business respondents state that the calendar plays very important role in their lives. When asked how many times they used a calendar on their computer, Thirty three percent reported never referring to a calendar on their computer rather they use physical calendar. This was surprising news today people still rely on physical calendars given that computers are almost everywhere in the workplace.

Many people tend to look mobile or computers for their calendar needs. But if you need to check immediate to calendar desktop calendars are easy. Having a physical calendar on your desk and marking your important dates and appointments on the desktop calendar is much more convenient to see immediately. Businesses can use printed desktop calendars to promote their businesses. Corporates can design desktop calendars to encourage employees with a motivational quote or a fun tip to energize their employees.

Studies say sixty seven percentage of the time people choose to refer to a Printed Calendar instead of a Digital one. Of the time people prefer to use a Printed Calendar only or a Printed Calendar in conjunction with a Digital one. Greetway can design beautiful desktop calendars for your everyday needs. You can also design your calendars for your business promotions, corporate themes and logos, or personal pictures, for personal use.

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