Our Story

About Greetway

Greetway is a socially minded greeting card company that features unique and custom art created by children from all over the world. Perfect for corporate and private use, each design is personal, expressive, and special to those that receive them. Greetway donates 10% of all proceeds to a charity of your choice, with quality prints on premium paper.

Our Story – How We Started Greetway

Greetway began as an idea. Rather than sell the mass produced cookie cutter greeting cards found in every retailer, we wanted to try something special, and there is nothing as special or as one-of-a-kind as the artistic creations of children.

We hold international art contests aimed at children under 18. We accept submissions from dozens of different countries, including India, Mexico, Ireland, Spain, Thailand, and more. These kids use these competitions as a chance to showcase their amazing creativity, using their own inspiration to create truly special works of art.

Once we’ve selected the winners, their designs become greeting cards that we add to our ever growing collection, and make available to the corporations or families that want a different type of card for their customers, friends, and family.

Charitable Giving With Greetway

In addition to these unique designs, Greetway also wanted to give something back to the community. Initially, 10% of all purchases were donated to schools in need. We have since expanded the list of available beneficiaries, and now donate 10% of your purchase to the charity or school of your choice.

At Greetway, we strive to be an example of caring capitalism, proving that it is possible to create and sell a product while also doing good in the community. Like you, we’re people that truly care, and these cards show that with designs that are unique, personalized, creative, innocent, and genuinely special to those that receive them. Businesses across the country use these cards to:

  • Maintain relationships with their customers.
  • Brand their business more effectively
  • Show others that you’re a company that cares.

Our children’s art greeting cards are affordable, made with the highest quality care, and ready to show others that giving back is a priority for all of us. If you’re interested in what we offer here at Greetway, please feel free and browse our website or contact us to receive a brochure of all of our available designs.

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